Nalini Jaywant: The Enigmatic Star of Hindi Cinema | 5 Captivating Chapters of Her Life and Career

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By Filmi Khan

Nalini Jaywant
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Draped in grace and adorned with talent, Nalini Jaywant graced the silver screen of Hindi cinema with an elegance that remains etched in the hearts of cinephiles. She was born on 18 February 1928 in Bombay. Nalini Jaywant’s paternal aunt was actress and singer, Rattan Bai. Nalini’s father and Rattan Bai was cousins.

Once actor Dilip Kumar described her “the greatest actress he ever worked with.

The Dawn of a Star:

Nalini Jaywant entered the glitzy realm of Hindi cinema in the 1940s, a time when the industry was undergoing significant transformations. Her debut film was Mehboob Khan’s Bahen (1941), marked the beginning of a career that would see her evolve into a powerhouse of talent and charisma.

Nalini Jaywant
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Iconic Roles and Milestones:

As the golden era of Hindi cinema unfolded, Nalini Jaywant carved a niche for herself with a string of memorable performances. She appeared in the films like Samadhi (1950) and Sangram (1950) that that rose her in limelight. Samadhi was a patriotic dram concerning Subhash Chanra Bose and the Indian National Army. These films gave her joy of success. Her other films were Jalpari (1952), Kafila (1952), Nau Bahar (1952), Saloni (1952), Lakeeren (1954), Naaz (1954), Mr. X (1957), Sheroo (1957) and Toofan Mein Pyar Kahan (1963).

Nalini Jaywant was a leading actress through the mid-1950s, appeared in films such as Rahi (1953), Shikast (1953), Railway Platform (1955), Nastik (1954), Munimji (1955), and Ham Sab Chor Hain (1956). Kala Pani (1958) film which was directed by Raaj Khosla, was Nalini’s last successful film for which she won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress award. Her last film was Race Course. After 18 years, she worked as a character actress in film Nastik which was her last screen appearance. These films showcased her versatility and ability to breathe life into diverse characters, earning her acclaim and adoration.

Nalini Jaywant’s screen presence was nothing short of enchanting. Her expressive eyes and graceful demeanor made her a sought-after leading lady. Her collaborations with legendary actors like Ashok Kumar and Dev Anand added layers of charm to her filmography.

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Personal Triumphs and Struggles:

Behind the glitz and glamour, Nalini Jaywant faced personal triumphs and challenges. Her journey, marked by successes and setbacks, reflected the resilience that defined her off-screen persona. Exploring these aspects provides a holistic understanding of the woman behind the actress.

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Legacy and Fond Remembrances:

Nalini Jaywant’s legacy endures, resonating with fans who fondly recall her contributions to Hindi cinema. While she may not have received the same spotlight as some of her contemporaries, her impact remains etched in the memories of those who appreciate the subtleties and nuances she brought to her roles.

Personal Life:

Jaywant was married to film director Virendra Desai in the 1940s. Later, she remarried to actor Prabhu Dayal, with whom she acted in several films.

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Nalini Jaywant was died on 22 December 2010, at the age of 84 at her bungalow in Chembur Mumbai. She was died alone in her house unnoticed by anyone until an ambulance carried her body after 3 days of her death. She isolated her self after the demise of her husband Dayal in 2001. She was not in touch with her relatives for long.


As we traverse the five captivating chapters of Nalini Jaywant’s life, it becomes evident that her legacy extends far beyond the silver screen. This article pays homage to an actress whose grace, talent, and enduring charm continue to weave magic in the hearts.


Nastik (1983)

Bandish (1980)

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Toofaan Mein Pyar Kahan (1963)

Girls’ Hostel (1962)

Zindagi Aur Hum (1962)

Senapati (1961)

Amar Rahe Yeh Pyar (1961)

Mukti (1960)

Maa Ke Aansoo (1959)

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Milan (1958)

Sheroo (1957)

Mr. X (1957)

Neelmani (1957)

Miss Bombay (1957)

Kitna Badal Gaya Insaan (1957)

Rani Rupmati (1957)

Hum Sab Chor Hain (1956)

Durgesh Nandini (1956)

Awaaz (1956)

Insaaf (1956)

Fifty Fifty (1956)

Aan Baan (1956)

26 January 1950 (1956)

Railway Platform (1955)

Munimji (1955)

Rajkanya (1955)

Chingari (1955)

Nastik (1954)

Kavi (1954)

Baap Beti (1954)

Naaz (1954)

Lakirein (1954)

Mehbooba (1954)

Shikast (1953)

Rahi (1953)

Jalpari (1952)

Saloni (1952)

Kafila (1952)

Naubahaar (1952)

Do Raah (1952)

Naujawan (1951)

Jadoo (1951)

Ek Nazar (1951)

Nandkishor (1951)

Sangram (1950)

Samadhi (1950)

Muqaddar (1950)

Aankhen (1950)

Chakori (1949)

Anokha Pyar (1948)

Gunjan (1948)

Phir Bhi Apna Hai (1946)

Adaab Arz (1943)

Aankh Michauli (1942)

Nirdosh (1941)

Bahen (1941)

Radhika (1941)

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